American Legion Community Post 375
Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Our History

Since the receipt of our charter on May 23, 1934, American Legion Community Post 375 of Mukwonago, Wisconsin has been welcoming eligible veterans from all branches of our Armed Forces.

Community Post 375 was organized at an enthusiastic meeting of local World War I veterans in early 1934. It started out with a membership of 26, with William Rupert as the unanimous choice for Commander. Today, we continue to welcome all eligible military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, your Country, your Community and your fellow veterans. Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families embodied in our preamble.

Today, American Legion Community Post 375 has evolved into a multi-unit organization that includes our Affiliates the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 375 and the Sons of The American Legion Squadron 375.

Together, members of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, and the Sons of The American Legion make up what is known as The Legion Family. All three organizations place high importance on preserving our American traditions and values, improving the quality of life for our nation's children, caring for veterans and their families, and perhaps most importantly, teaching the fundamentals of good citizenship.